Itinerary for a mommy-toddler overnight trip to Baltimore

Itinerary for a mommy-toddler overnight trip to Baltimore

Last week Ooey and I had an overnight mommy-daughter stay in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a really good time, especially since we’ve been bumping up against the “terrible twos”. We were both out of routine and it was a couple of days where we were doing something fun and new together. I have this dream that in the future I’ll be able to maintain a flexible work schedule and go on extended travel with Ooey while she’s on school break. (I’d love to spend a month in Japan). This trip was by no means very long, but it was a glimpse into that day dream of mine, and we definitely made some memories that I’ll treasure!

Here’s what Ooey and I did! The agenda is light (for my taste) but it was just right for a toddler. Not too much stimulus, but enough new activity to be exciting.

Day One

I had duty at Ooey’s Co-op so we left early afternoon for Baltimore.  After checking in at the Fairfield Inn we walked over to Port Discovery. We stayed at Port Discovery until they closed at 5pm.

Port Discovery

Our first stop was to Port Discovery, truly one of the best museums for kids in the DMV. Until February the museum has a temporary exhibit, Dora & Diego – Let’s Explore which we loved! The exhibit encouraged children to pretend, climb and dress up. Port Discovery makes a great day trip and everytime I go I realize that I need to visit more often. The museum is three floors of fully interactive exhibits, additionally they have daily programming for kids.

Port Discovery presents Dora & Diego Let's explore at Port Discovery in Baltimore Maryland. The exhibit runs through February 19th 2018

Port Discovery presents Dora & Diego Let's explore at Port Discovery in Baltimore Maryland. The exhibit runs through February 19th 2018

Port Discovery presents Dora & Diego Let's explore at Port Discovery in Baltimore Maryland. The exhibit runs through February 19th 2018

Pizza in Little Italy

Part of me really wanted to research restaurants and eat somewhere adventurous. But I wanted keep our trip stress free so we ate at a pizza place that was between the Fairfield Inn and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Little Italy was a super cozy neighborhood and we got a table at Isabella’s Brick Oven Pizza and Panini. The pizza didn’t disappoint and the shop was small and lined with imported food from Italy and a deli where one could grab cannolis on the way out.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Ooey is a night owl, she’ll stays up until 11pm most nights. Ripley’s Believe it or Not stays open until 10pm so it was the perfect outing for the two of us. Don’t get me wrong I love watching TV in a hotel room but it’s not the same when a two year old is picking the channels, so out the door we went.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not was weird, and overstimulating. But Ooey LOVED it, throughout the entire museum pop music is playing at an uncomfortably loud volume and Ooey would periodically stop to dance. Cases of fake eyes, a Loch Ness monster, freaky wax people and interactive features kept us there for hours. I think Ooey could have stayed longer but I was feeling tired and a little overwhelmed. So where I would normally not have thought to visit this place, it kept us entertained and I recommend it.

Take cheesy pictures in the Inner Harbor

On our walk back to the Fairfield Inn I wanted to take a picture of Ooey siting inside the heart. She demanded that I give her my camera and she took a photo of me sitting there too. <3

Day Two

Breakfast at the Papermoon diner

We checked out of the Fairfield Inn by 9am and met with a friend of mine. This friend also happens to be the same lady who designed the logo for my other blog, Do DC with Kids, so if you’re looking for a stylist/graphic designer/ branding specialist you should check out Giulietta’s work. Back to the breakfast, the paper moon diner I’d seen on Instagram and was instantly captivated. I had shrimp and grits which was delicious, I may or may not have taken it to go and eaten it on the drive back to DC later in the day. The best part about this place is the decor. Usually I give Ooey my phone ASAP so I can eat in peace but she was so taken by the decorations that I had an hour before I resorted to giving her the Youtubes.

Don’t miss Pierce’s Park!

We parked in the garage that the Aquarium doesn’t validate for, womp womp. But it was by this really cool playground that Ooey and I stopped and played at. If you don’t accidentally stumble upon this it’s located at 701 East Pratt Street.


The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium had been on my to visit list for years now! We visited on a weekday, which is always a good idea for a major attraction. It seemed like our timing was perfect. We saw a snake at the demonstration stage, we saw scuba divers feeding fish and we saw a dolphin training session.

valet park your stroller

I’ve heard grumbles from my mom friends that strollers aren’t allowed in the aquarium. This is true, but they are quite accommodating about it. There is a free stroller check and the option to check out a backpack to use while you are without your wheels. I did see a mom who was allowed to keep her stroller after explaining that she would be physically incapable of visiting if she had to also carry her newborn. So, they are considerate about their no stroller rule.

Ooey took this picture <3

Ice Cream at The Best of luck Candy and Ice Cream

I needed a little pick me up for the drive back to Washington DC. On the way back to our parking garage we passed by this cute little candy shop. I had an ice coffee and Ooey had a small chocolate ice cream and even after finishing it fell asleep on the way home.

This trip was made possible from my friends at Visit Baltimore, Port Discovery Children’s Museum and the Fairfield Inn & Suites.

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